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Lumaline™ is a new product range from the makers of FLEX-display™. Lumaline™ is a bright new perspective on exhibition furniture.
- Luma – one of the first truly illuminated and backlit displays - Line – a family of modular systems. With Lumaline™, we offer a range of counters and display units for trade shows, in-store activities and other promotional campaigns.

The small counter

The family of standard units from Lumaline consists of two types of counters, a table and stools. The smaller version of the counter is perfect for trade shows, exhibitions and in-shop promotion activities. You can use it with or without lighting, and there is shelving underneath the counter to keep information material and samples handy.

The large counter

The larger counter can be used for the same types of activities – however, this one is large enough to serve as a bar with two persons behind it or allow you to demonstrate larger products. You can use the counters on their own or combine them with other products from the Lumaline range.

Meeting and conference table

The table with its novel shape attracts attention and offers plenty of space – but remains portable and easy to set up. It is an ideal setting for a meeting, a product demonstration or an information session. You can decorate the table to display your message on all sides, and add light. Combine the table with stools for a sit-down meeting, or stand at the table – the design makes it comfortable either way.


The stool is ideal for use on shows – for customers or staff – or for in-store activities. It can be decorated to match the counter and is an excellent way to attract even more attention.