Signs of the Times

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The Value of Signs

Signs are the oldest form of communication known to man, dating all the way back to the Cave Man. Signs are still the most cost effective form of advertising you can buy. This has been proven by study after study. Here’s how one study reported their findings:

Television advertising: 30 second spot prime time $16.65 per 1000 impressions
Television advertising: 30 second spot late evening $10.60 per 1000 impressions
Magazine advertising: 1 page – 4 colour $ 7.90 per 1000 impressions
Daily news paper: 1/3 page black and white $ 7.75 per 1000 impressions
Radio: 30 second spot $ 4.10 per 1000 impressions
Off Premises signs: I.E. billboards etc. $ 2.83 per 1000 impressions
On Premises signs: at your location $ 1.40 per 1000 impressions

What’s more is that if your sign is made well it should last you for years, where every other form of advertising is one-time only.

For more information on understanding the value of signage please visit the Signage Foundations website. This site is very informative and should help you decide on the way you spend your advertising budget.


Canada Business - Canadian Government site “Canada Business” with info on purchasing signage

International Sign Association

Specialty Graphics Imaging Association

Canadian Federation of Independent Business

Society of Environmental Graphic Designers

Sign Association of Canada


Signage - Your Voice on the Street

As a business person, you’ve probably developed a business plan, negotiated fi nancing, hired a lawyer and possibly even done some work on customer relations. If you’re like many small business owners though, you may not have learned why you need signage and how large an impact it has on your bottom line.
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Signs of the Times - Maximize your impact

We are in the business of creating identities. Each product we produce is the
refined combination of craft, innovation, and technology. Our state-of-the-art
production facility and our highly skilled staff allow us to provide you with the widest
range of products available. From logo design and consultation to finished architectural signage, billboards, plaques, banners, fleet graphics, and custom display systems, we create products to enhance your business presence. Our goal is to provide a unique value to your business through signage and displays that effectively brand you. Read more... (PDF, 178KB)


Effective Signs are Always on the Job!

Not many of us think too much about signage, beyond perhaps noticing that one business’s sign is easier to find or that a particular billboard has great graphics or a catchy slogan. We don’t give much consideration to the graphics painted on the school gym wall, the welcoming sign as you enter a new community, or the brightly painted mural on the bus that will take you across town. All business decisions are important, but few are as integral to the success of your business as good ignage—and no one understands this as well as Signs of the Times.
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The Value of Effective Signage

Believe it or not these are all factors that play important roles in the effect of your signage. Well-designed and executed signage is guaranteed to have a positive effect on your bottom line whether you’re opening a new business or updating an established one. As a sign purchaser you need to be aware of the value of signage and be prepared be invest in your business through a quality effective sign program. Read more... (PDF, 2.89MB)

Successful Signage 101

Signage is not boring or at least it shouldn’t be. The vast array of advertising
options offered by the signage industry is remarkable. It is true that there are very few sign companies who are aware of or are able to offer a truly wide range of
options to the marketplace. One shoe does not fit all though so don’t limit yourself;
always start with rule number one. Read more... (PDF, 2.89MB)


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