Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times is an “architectural sign company”. That means that we are very different from most other sign companies because design is a major part of what we sell. We offer in-house designers who specialize in the area of “environmental graphics”. We can translate any existing identity or logo to work well on signage or create a fresh new one. Our products are designed to compliment their surroundings, which provides continuity especially throughout larger facilities like hospitals, airports, universities, government buildings as well as directional systems. We also manufacture in-house the vast majority of products we offer giving us the ability to customize a system specifically to your needs. Our installation team handles anything from crane installations of larger signs to hand-installing products to windows, doors, walls, vehicles etc.

We’re also thought of as a “commercial sign company” because of our team of craftsmen including: sign painters, wood carvers, guilders, and glue-chippers. Our shop facilities include industry specific printers, laminators, plotters, design and output software as well as fabrication tools and CNC equipment. We combine craftsmanship with the latest in technology to produce custom innovative products for every client.

Our Work Flow

Your estimator is your first contact with Signs of the Times. That person will prepare your work order and follow its development throughout each process to make sure your finished products are ready on-time. If you require any changes made to your original order we will track the extra costs and inform you of them as we go.

Our Production Manager is always available to discuss the status of your job as well as our Administration Assistant who will invoice your job. Our installation team will contact you to set up the installation of your products prior to the delivery date. That way we can make sure that you are ready for us and have cleared the work areas or vehicles washed.

How we Charge for our Work

Our design costs are surprisingly low for the industry because we want to offer you top-notch design as the first step in our process. While we specialize in “environmental graphic design” we often provide the whole graphic design package for our clients including: logo, stationary package and website identity too.

Because we have specialized in the sign industry for over 20 years, we promise that our products are of the highest quality. Our goal is to provide you with effective, innovative, quality products every time. We offer warranties on materials as well as the finished product where applicable. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Our Facility

We invite you to visit our showroom which offers many samples of signs and displays we’ve designed and fabricated including some of our award winners. We’re open Monday through Friday 8 AM – 4:30 PM. Call ahead to be sure one of our designers or estimators will be available for your questions.

Terms of Business

All work is started once we receive a signed, authorized Sales Agreement along with a 50% deposit. Each product we make is entirely customized to your specifications so we require the balance upon completion or installation. We charge HST at 12% as per government regulations. If you are re-selling our product please let us know and we’ll record your PST exemption number in our files. There are other terms of business depending on the products being purchased which are clearly itemized on our Proposal / Sales Agreement form.

Sign Permits

Unless stated on our Proposal / Sales Agreement form, the client is responsible for the cost and application for / approval of any sign permit required. If you would like us to handle this process for you we’d be happy to and the costs will be itemized on your agreement and invoice.